Featured by the Guardian London 2019
"Silence is still there... These images could be taken in Morocco, but they are the result of a session in the south of France. The model returns home after a day at the beach. These minimal photographs form a diptych that leads the subject to move towards a common goal, towards the future. The movement of the red stole contrasts with the imposing architecture of this staircase."

In Thailand, a monsoon day, the model swims in a pool, in the rain, with a red stole ...

Featured by designboom 2019

"for one of her most recent projects, graphic designer and photographer emilie möri presents the ‘red stole’ series, which was shot entirely on iPhone. taken during a wet monsoon day in thailand, möri perfectly captures the ethereal movement of her daughter as she swims in a pool, in the rain, holding on to the titular red stole. the images shot by möri are simple as the composition of the frames are reduced to just three elements: the flowing red fabric, the deep blue water, and the passing movement of the daughter. the scarlet red of the stole instantly captures the gaze of the viewer. the billowing and rippling form of the material gives a sense of the movement beneath the water and effectively transports the observer to the moment that has been frozen in time. despite the 2D medium, the series of images express a textured quality thanks to the pattern of raindrops on the surface of the water, which further emphasize the layers of the composition."

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