"FLOUR POWER : through the use of a single, simple element, paris-based photographer emilie möri has created an ‘explosive’ series of portraits that evoke both sensuality and spirituality. flour floods the frame as it surrounds a male and female model, coming to life through their slight movements and direct sunlight nearby. the body becomes the vehicle of expression, mobilizing the molecules throughout the vast, dark backdrop. hovering above hair and floating across faces, the flour forms an interactive relationship with the human counterpart. as the food explodes in the air, ethereal white particles scatter around the frame, evoking a strong sense of dynamism. activated by the subject, each portrait becomes an abstract interpretation of the interaction between man and meal."

Designboom septembre 2015

“Explosive” is a series of conceptual portraits made by french photographer Emilie Möri. With flour projected on model’s faces, she creates a spectacular visual effect made out of expressive movements and magical dust clouds."

Fubiz septembre 2015

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