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  1. Aesthetica 2022, The Power of Reflection

    07 Dec 2022

    The Power of Reflection Read more on Aesthetica “The mirror is a symbol deeply rooted in the history of art and literature. Readers might be reminded of the so-called “magic mirror” in featured in Disney’s Snow White (1937), for example, or Oscar Wilde’s age-defying object in The Picture of Dorian…

  2. Interview Lescratch par Michael Honneger

    09 Dec 2019

    Lenscratch : Interview Michel Honneger While I have never formally met Emilie Möri, I feel that her artistic talent is a most satisfactory and colorful introduction to this young emerging French photographer. I was introduced to her by means of a referral from another photographer who recognized her unique qualities…

  3. Interview BURNT ORANGE CITY

    22 Nov 2019

    “When I saw Émilie’s work at The Other Art Fair I felt like I had entered a dream: a mix of vivid imagination combined with realness and depth. This Parisian photographer and designer captures emotion and the inner realities within us; exposing the darker moments of life with portraiture and…

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